UnSpun Widget

Posted on August 30, 2007


Amazon’s UnSpun is a cool concept that is web 2.0 centric (collaboration, voting, tags and all the good stuff). They even let affiliates put these widgets on their sites and make money.

There are several lists, so how do you decide which one to put? It’s better to put the list that is most appropriate to the surrounding content (context-sensitive). However, it’s also possible to randomize the unspun list if your pages are dynamic.

The code for putting an unspun widget has an URL that looks like


So, you can randomly generate the number for [list-id] and plug it in. That’s it, everytime the page is loaded, you get a different UnSpun list. For example, our iTunes tag cloud uses this idea to display both context sensitive Unspun list (Top Albums and Best Movies of All Time) as well as a 3rd random list.

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