Cloud View – An Easy To Integrate Word Cloud Generator For Your Website

Posted on May 12, 2010


ToCloud has been providing online cloud generation service and also offered a license to their flagship cloud generation library. Based on feedback from our users, we have now created a easy to integrate word cloud generator that can be easily integrated into an existing website or CMS (content management system) on any platform (web server and programming language).

Welcome to Cloud View.

Usually one of the key concerns for users is whether the cloud generator can easily integrate into their existing website or content management system that may have been written in Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby On Rails or Java Servlets, JSP, heck even Scala’s Lift framework or any of the future programming languages and webservers. After understanding this key concern, ToCloud has come up with an innovative solution that supports integrating into any of these frameworks.

How does it work? Simple. The Cloud View has a server component and a client component. The server component is written in Perl and runs as a cgi script. The client component is written in JavaScript and uses AJAX to generate the combination. This architecture is what makes it possible to provide Cloud View as a platform independent solution.

Still wondering how this is possible? Read on!

First, when a user makes a request to a webpage, it is served using whatever programming language you have written it in. You also embed a small javascript code into this HTML page. Once the page is loaded, the entire page content is sent back to the Cloud View cgi script on your server using an AJAX request. The cgi script generates the cloud and returns back the word cloud HTML which is then rendered on the page. So, rather than integrating the word cloud generation as part of the webpage generation, the page is first generated and then unobtrusively sent back to the sever using an AJAX request and then the word cloud is rendered. This will not slow down your initial page loading as the word cloud generation happens separately!

ToCloud technology is being used by web masters who are trying to improve their advertising revenue. This has also been used in marketing, medical research, PhD thesis just to name a few. Now with the possibility of seamless integration irrespective of the platform, we also expect this to be very useful to corporate users who want to provide a quick view of their content rich internal documents available in content management systems (CMS) to their employees.

Are you excited! Visit Cloud View and find out how to get this.