Cloud View For Amazon Affiliates

Posted on May 31, 2010


Recently we talked about our new product, Cloud View. There has been a good response from website designers and web masters. Surprisingly, we also got a few affiliates interested in our solution and we helped them how to take their visitors to Amazon website when they click a word or phrase within the word cloud on their web page generated by Cloud View.

As Amazon affiliates would readily know (if you are not already an affiliate, don’t worry, just read on), when a visitor clicks on an affiliate link and buys anything within 24 hours from Amazon, the entire order amount is considered for the affiliate fee. So, say a visitor comes to your website, clicks on a phrase called “digital photography” and ends up on Amazon, and ends up buying a book and a digital camera, one worth $24 and the other $98, then the camera being an electronic device, gives 4% commission, which is close to $4 and the book can give close to $1.50 at a 6% rate (assuming you reached the 6% tier by selling more than 6 items). So, that easily nets the affiliate more than $5. If this happens a few times in an year, the Cloud View would have paid for itself.

Frankly, when Cloud View was introduced, the initial intent is to help the web masters and designers to place a cool looking widget. Some of our customers who are web designers are very happy to get a license for their own customers. We just charge very little (you can find the latest price by visiting the official Cloud View web page) for the software and don’t ask how much the web designers are charging their customers :).

We are glad to find yet another use for our product. If you have other ideas, let us know.