MP3 songs download price comparision!

November 8, 2007


A while back, ToCloud has introduced the iTunes Tag Cloud. Now, it has been enhanced to be able to quickly search on Amazon by clicking on the ‘[A]’ link next to each song. Sometimes, the songs on are less than $0.99. So, it would be easy to quickly check if a top itune song […]

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Product Features Cloud

October 21, 2007


ToCloud has enhanced the CloudStore with a new feature called Product Features Cloud. This is essentially a keyword cloud of the product features across all the products in a given category. The purpose of this is to make potential shoppers to be aware of the salient product features of the product category they are shopping […]

How We Created Product Catalog Image Clouds

September 22, 2007


When we introduced our highly interactive online product catalog image clouds, many people liked the concept and asked how we did it. So, I am taking time to explain how we are able to do this. While creating image clouds itself is not quite involved, creating the image clouds of product catalogs from Amazon ECS […]

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UnSpun Widget

August 30, 2007


Amazon’s UnSpun is a cool concept that is web 2.0 centric (collaboration, voting, tags and all the good stuff). They even let affiliates put these widgets on their sites and make money. There are several lists, so how do you decide which one to put? It’s better to put the list that is most appropriate […]

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