Cloud View For Amazon Affiliates

May 31, 2010


Recently we talked about our new product, Cloud View. There has been a good response from website designers and web masters. Surprisingly, we also got a few affiliates interested in our solution and we helped them how to take their visitors to Amazon website when they click a word or phrase within the word cloud […]

Cloud View – An Easy To Integrate Word Cloud Generator For Your Website

May 12, 2010


ToCloud has been providing online cloud generation service and also offered a license to their flagship cloud generation library. Based on feedback from our users, we have now created a easy to integrate word cloud generator that can be easily integrated into an existing website or CMS (content management system) on any platform (web server […]


November 8, 2008


We know that the economy is bad but there are still people who are buying LCD HDTVs and Plasma HDTVs. So, if you are rich enough to shop for a HDTV anyway, go for a green HDTV. I don’t mean the color of the TV, but the one that is “green friendly”. I mean, the […]

Which Plasma Or LCD HDTV To Buy?

April 8, 2008


Looking at the Flat Panel Plasma HDTVs on CloudStore, it appears that the Panasonic TVs are the most preferred ones. Then comes Samsung. On the other hand, looking at Flat Panel LCD HDTVs, Samsung seems to be the most preferred followed by Sony. That leaves one to decide on buying Plasma HDTVs vs LCD HTDVs. […]

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Best Selling Software

February 10, 2008


Today, after seeing a sale of TurboTax software, we realized that the best selling software on Amazon is the TurboxTax software with easy comparison. This is no wonder, given that this is the time people start filing their taxes. The top 3 turbotax software being sold are TurboTax Delux Federal + State 2007 TurboTax Home […]

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Product Tag Clouds

January 28, 2008


ToCloud already has Cloud Store that lets visitors shop using product image clouds. Now, ToCloud has come up with another way of shopping, the product tag clouds. The idea here is that some brands and product categories contain several hundreds and even thousands of products. In such cases, for people who know broadly what they […]

Image Cloud Enhancement

January 12, 2008


ToCloud is perhaps the first website in the world to provide the concept of Image Clouds and the technology is showcased using the CloudStore an online comparison shopping website that uses these Web 2.0 Image Clouds to make it easy to compare products easily all in a single page. After gathering statistics over the last […]